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"Ken provided guidance for me at a critical, transitional time of my life. While I have made my own decisions, his experience and insight was instrumental. Without his support, I would not be the husband and father I am today."

Warren R., Regional Sales Manager

“Dr. Silvestri is the epitome of what we expect in a Health Professional. His holistic approach to understanding his patients, through a thorough intake and then follow-up sessions, is designed to address the complete mind/body approach to healing. Very recently, he diagnosed my severe cold symptoms and prescribed homeopathic remedies that rapidly turned the tables on my cold, after all other remedies (vitamin C, zinc) did nothing. This is one example of several of my positive healing experiences over the past 2 years.”

Ronald D., Industrial Designer

“Dr. Silvestri has always provided me with wise, compassionate, insight that has helped me grow as an individual as well as a therapist. Ken has shared knowledge from all walks of his multifaceted experience; from homeopathy to forgiveness training, to clinical expertise. I am so grateful for his generosity of spirit and knowledge.”

Sarah C., Therapist and Parent

“I have known and called on Dr. Ken Silvestri’s talents as a Homeopath for over three years. During this time, not only have I experienced a range of successful treatments, I have found him to be a professional who compassionately walks his talk while applying his insights, gleaned from the benefits of integrating his Psychotherapy and Homeopathy practices. I sincerely believe that this approach profoundly informs and impacts his ability to assess and prescribe wellbeing, with intelligent confidence and integrity, to anyone who is fortunate enough to be the recipient of his genuinely loving care.”

Barbara L., Artist and Parent

"Few practitioners exude the warmth, compassion and knowledge as does Dr. Silvestri. Over 40 years of experience culminate in his ability to deal with the emotional challenges of individuals and families. Society is a better place because of Dr. Silvestri's lasting imprint."

Roger N., Clinical Social Worker

“I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Ken toward self - improvement. There have been endless benefits to devoting an hour per week to myself, thanks to Ken’s ability to guide me through the “clutter” of everyday life, and focus on what is important to me. It has been a blessing to speak with someone as though they have been a lifelong friend, while benefiting from the professional vantage point that Ken provides.”

Ken D., Hotel Owner

"I was introduced to the world of Homeopathy by my supervisor, Dr. Kenneth Silvestri. I was aware that homeopathy existed but knew very little about “it”. During supervision with Dr. Silvestri, homeopathy came up in our discussions, but was never pushed on me as a way to practice. It wasn’t until I began exploring homeopathy in my personal life that I realized it’s influence, charm, power, and importance in the mental health field. Integrating psychotherapy and homeopathy has become a new area that I am excited to learn more about, and incorporate into my work as a Marriage and Family Therapist.”

Nancy C., Marriage and Family Therapist

"Dr Silvestri rescued my soul. I was burned out from work in the mental health field and needed to deal with past emotional wounds. I sought out Ken because I was aware of his compassionate heart and knowledge of homeopathy (when NO one else was a prescribing homeopath 15 years ago.) It was exactly the emotional remedy I was so desperately seeking. Dr Silvestri helped me heal and EVOLVE. With gratitude I share my story.”

Sarah B., Parent

"Dr. Silvestri is, first and foremost, an extremely competent, skilled, and seasoned clinician. His application of homeopathic medicine to work in concert with therapy is groundbreaking. I have referred numerous patients to him over the past 20 years with very good results; I have consulted Dr. Silvestri for homeopathic treatment at various times for my own family. This speaks to the level of trust I have in his work.

Dr. Silvestri possesses the qualities of acceptance, warmth and humility. This, in combination with his intellect and experience, fosters an atmosphere of safety for those fortunate to work with him."

Lauren A., College Professor and Therapist

“I just wanted to write you a short note to give you a special thank you for everything you have done for me. The homeopathic remedies you prescribed alleviated my health problems almost immediately, something several medical doctors could not do.

I am also very grateful for our “talks”. Your insights consistently hit the nail right on the head. I now am aware of my tendencies and can think things through before acting. You have truly changed my life.”

Michael S., Entrepreneur

“I've worked with Dr. Ken Silvestri for a number of years, addressing personal issues that have plagued me throughout my life. I don't know where I'd be today without his help. Through psychotherapy and homeopathy my life is better than it's ever been before. My work with Dr. Silvestri has enabled me to become a more compassionate teacher and I've been inspired by his empathic wisdom to pursue a career change. I have tremendous gratitude to Dr. Ken Silvestri.”

Joan T., Middle School Teacher

"During a very bumpy patch, I was lucky to find Dr. Silvestri. He is a warm and wonderful man and before he even says anything, you know you will be in good hands. Kindness and good sense radiate from him. He is one of the most empathetic and engaged therapists I've ever met. In addition, his knowledge of homeopathy is an added bonus. I didn't know anything about the field but his recommendations were right on the money.


He really does help one achieve a sense of well being."

Sam W., Playwright

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