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A Wider Lens: How to See Your Life Differently
A Wider Lens: How to See Your Life Differently

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Dr. Ken offers a mindful and systemic process to help you learn new skills that will improve communication and relationships, inspire self-confidence and creative thinking, and become healthier through mind/body awareness.

This book will take you on a journey, introducing you to new ways of seeing your life. 

Available in paperback and Kindle.

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Praise for "A Wider Lens"

Praise for "A Wider Lens"

“Dr. Silvestri encourages us to respect the complexity and mutuality of our relationships. Creating a ‘Wider Lens’ offers insight into how our many contexts of life overlap and can lead us to a better understanding of interdependency.”

-- Nora Bateson, President,

The International Bateson Institute, Sweden.

Author of Small Arcs of Larger Circles (Triarchy Press)

“Dr. Silvestri has created a blueprint for self-development, one that teaches us to broaden our perspective in order to embrace pieces of our lives that we might otherwise choose to reject due to our lack of awareness of the bigger picture. To accomplish this, he employs a multi-faceted approach to healing, a unique synthesis of theoretical viewpoints and practical holistic techniques. The message throughout is that facing life’s challenges with open-mindedness and equanimity can help resolve even seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Highly recommended.”

-- Larry Malerba, Homeopathic Physician,

Author of Dynamic Medicine, Green Medicine,

and Metaphysics & Medicine

A WIDER LENS is a beautiful, generative guide to navigating life's inevitable conflicts.  Dr Silvestri integrates his knowledge of homeopathy and the ancient art of Aikido to help others live in balance and harmony, never pushing back too hard at life’s difficulties."

-- Jacqueline Hudak, Ph.D., LMFT, Clinical Director,

The Center for Couples and Adult Families,

Dept. of Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine,

The University of Pennsylvania

“To be where one is and want more —growth, should be the goal of life for everyone who contains the will to empower themselves. Dr. Ken Silvestri, armed with a wonderful combination of knowledge of anthropology, aikido and classical homeopathy will help any reader of his book succeed to reach the highest possible enhancement of life itself.”

-- Luc De Schepper, M.D., Lic. Ac. (US. Europe)

“The uniquely interactive and magical art of Aikido (a modern Japanese martial art that means “The Way of Harmony”), is so surprisingly beneficial to so many on so many levels. Aikido takes us to our shared humanity and gives us viable, simple alternative tools of handling life’s challenges from both without and within. Dr. Silvestri is offering some of those tools here in “A Wider Lens,” I hope they can provide some additional light on your path.”

-- Greg O’Connor, 7th Dan Aikido Teacher, Aikido Centers Inc.,

Author of The Aikido Student Handbook (North Atlantic Books)

and The Elements of Aikido (Harper Collins)

"In reading "A Wider Lens," profound surprises and breakthroughs in understanding are lurking."

-- Stephen Elliott, President, COHERENCE L.L.C.,

The Principal Author with Dee Edmonson, RN, of

The New Science of Breath, Coherent Breathing
- The Definitive Method

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Some of the topics explored in "A Wider Lens":

  • wholeness

  • collaboration

  • double binds

  • forgiveness

  • paradox

  • context

  • creativity

  • beginners mind

  • systemic thinking

  • homeopathy

  • aikido

  • breathing

  • your legacy

Some Topics Explored
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